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December 08, 2004


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DaVinci code and Angels and Demons are the best of the lot - the others arent that good. I found Digital Fortress laughably bad


Yep.. Though Deception Point seems good, it still does not seem as good as the other two. Still reading DF, so not sure, if it is going to turn out good or not..:-)


Deception point is cool. loved Da vinci code for all the relation to the artist and the code breaking etc. the end sucks bigtime...

Read Total Control - David Baldacci...


it was so awesome..... its a heart pounding story... of all my life to read many books and novel... i never read books as good as these... i recommend to all people whoever read this books.. youll never regret it... and for those who did not... start reading dan browns creation.. NOW! i sais now.. if not you will miss a half part of your life... i mean it...

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