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February 16, 2004


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Ofcourse it can be. That's what Google bombs are about. That's why vague porn dealers leave comments on my blog. Trackback would do the same thing too. Wait till they automate this with robots - then you'll have a bad thing going.


Yes Kingsley, But I was thinking of a well thought out attack. Say I blog on Longhorn. If I take the time to find the top 100 posts on LH that google has, then trackback to as many as I can find, I most probably will start ranking a No.1 for any Longhorn query in Google. Not the usual automated spam, but rather a more sophisticated version of spam.

And people usually do not delete trackbacks(you can, but most dont) as they do comment spams etc.

Hmm.. Maybe I should try this out and report the findings..:-)

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