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July 23, 2004


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Thats a BUG, simple as that...


Really. Does that mean, that the new accounts with 2GB, will rollback to be 2MB??

Or is it a kind of limited period offer..;-)

Alex Kazovic

It sounnds like you are a couple of weeks behind the news. Current accounts that have a 2MB limit will by the end of August have a limit of 250MB. If you subscribe to the extra storage option (approx $19.95 pa) the limit will be 2GB.


Alex, I knew about that, and even blogged about that. But people were reporting 2GB for a free account(when created using the MSN explorer). Now it has been announced that it was a bug and that these accounts will revert back to 250MB as soon as those bugs are fixed.


Now MSN has done a rollback on these accounts..hence these accounts will have 2 MB instead of 2000 MB :-)


hi , i have msn account , but my mail size 2MB , pls tell how can i do 2Gb mail space . pls


I want to make my Msn account space 2gb

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