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July 27, 2004


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Don't be so surprised - I know of professional gamers in Chennai itself. If this whole software thing doesn't work out, I might become one myself :-)

nic ruff

are there any professional gaming tournaments that consist of consol games?


Professional gaming eh? Making a living playing computer or console video games? That's a bit far fetched here in India right now. But mebbe the metropolitans have more chance at that title as companies like Microsoft, AMD etc host some competitions there. I am a gamer, but do not consider myself a 'pro' gamer cuz there's now way to earn a living out of the prizes. And to fully develop my skills I'd need to play games full time rather than the common 4-5 hours a day. And the other hours are needed for studies so that I could get a job to support my gaming addiction. So unless and untill gamers get recognition and support and sponsorship from whatever sources that can provide, do, India will continue producing mediocre gamers which will participate tournaments around the world losing the first round in every participation. But let's hope this isn't a static scene. Game on! gamers!


yo guys does anyone know about a gaming centre called 'zap'and by the way i am good at cs:cz


Hey i've heard there's going to be a gaming tourney in kol on cs:cz. Entry fee will be 100/- per head so that will be 500/- per team. I know the charge is high but there is no hidden cost like reliance's like you have to buy game time after registration. It seems the tourney is organised by gamers and not by any hot shot company which is a nice thing and thus the high price i guess... but neways it will be nice for game enthusiasts like me who lives in kolkata.


Even im a gamer not a pro. Even though im working for a BPO in Chennai in a day i used for play CS for 4 to 5 hours. I like to gather more information to become a professional gamer in CS is there any tourney going to conduct in Chennai. Guyz please let me know it.

soumyadeep chowdhury

i want to how people migrate in other countries & live there permanently,to become
a pro gamer? i want to be a pro gamer in cs !!! how to fulfill my dreams?


i m a professional gamer in delhi . i play cs adn enjoy tha together with my job...

Amit Srivastava (they call me batman of CS)

when u talk about gaming here is no one to pay us for gaming more than even a BPO. MOM DAD says dont play it will spoil ur life. But For me gaming is life and till my 30 i will earn that much so that i can pay a clan for gaming.My vision will be converted into india's greatest gaming hub.I will be a pro.

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