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July 26, 2004


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Spiderman 2 is incredible! I love this game.

Gerrod Stinson

i really want an xbox, so that i can play exceptional titles such as counter-strike, halo 2, and compete in organized online sports tournaments!

Joe Gagliardi

Hi I'm not begging or anything but the reason I would like a free Xbox is because I purchased one two years ago and I cut lawns all summer long just to get that system, now My Xbox is dead and I'm out of warrenty leaving me stranded with at least $500.00 worth of games and accessories, why do I not just simply buy a new one you ask, Im only 14 and i work for my dad in a pizzeria making only $30.00 a week so why can MS fix my console?


i would like a free Xbox because about a year ago my parents purchased one and i got games and stuf for it and i thout it was grate but my parents needed money so thay took it back. Plus we just moved reasently to some house in the midel of nowair. and i have nothing to do i dont even have aney friends to hang out with. i still have my xbox games but my parents wont get me an xbox and i dont have eney money.i would yous my computer to play games but its a peac of crap.and thats why i would like a free xbox.


pls handle with care
thank you

hans paul

i like x box very much and i want it freely so i kindly ask(request)you to give me. i like raw-2 very much and i have that cd so i want XBOX

Evan French

im looking forward to recieving a free xbox cuz me and my brothers have always enjoyed playing video games but never had the money for a system.my parents run a non-profit ministry as well as my dad being a police and fireman chaplin so we are home alone alot without being able to go outside.we have a computer but its really old with no requirments for any games.
thanks for reading my review.

Jason Humby

i would like a x box because i just got a TV for my room that i had to save for and lots of my friends have one and i have no money to buy one. i work a Mc Donalds and only get paid 20 to 30 dollars A$ a week. our computer is very old and does not play and good games like halo. PLEASE GIVE ME IT!!

Hernan Gurrola

please let me get this xbox because I have alot of games and 3 controls and no xbox because my brother dropped it on the floor because he always likes to bring it to his room and my mom said it was my fault even thow it wasn't and i was relly mad and my mom or dad wouldn't buy me a new one so im trying to get a job but i can't because im to young (14) and im trying tosave alot of change but I don't have that much so please

Justin Reagan

Please I have been wanting an X-Box ever since they came out. But I cannot afford one right now. :(


Xbox! you can buy it in shop game, it not free beliveit

Captain Asshole

You're all stupid.. If you didn't notice, this contest is supposed to take place at a different site. AFTER you test one of their products.. now stop looking up 'free xbox' on google.com and actually think..

Alton A.Winfield Jr.

The Xbox isn't really for me its for my little brother he went threw surgery because one of his inpendents blew out if you don't know thats what helps hold your bladder.He had to go threw surgery because it started to get infected while he was in the hospital the Xbox caimed out and our family promised to get him one.But as you can see our parents have four kids to take care of and bills to pay plus they have the hospital bills to pay.So I was hoping you can please help me get my little brother an Xbox . Thankyou

Tyler Haskins

i want an xbox because my parents wont buy one but i have a cousin that would give me games. the only system i have is a super nintendo please send me a xbox i really want it


Hi,my name is elvira and im a girl and i want a xbox.So if you want to give me my xbox e-mail me at elviranice@hotmail.com so have a good day?

M. Humphreys

Hi, I would like to win an X-Box for my son. We are at poverty level with a very low income, with 4 children. He is the middle child and usually gets hand-me-downs. I would like him to have something new of his own. He talks about one day having a X-Box day and night. Having this would make his dreams come true. Thank you for considering him!


My name is zubayer.I am 23years old.XBOX is my dream.But I donot have enough money to buy XBOX.If i get a free XBOX,it will compleate my dream.wish I could win a free XBOX.


hello could i can really get xbox (my dream ) please send me
107-girnar soc,
chhaprabhatha road

really possible ?
perhaps i cannot get


la verdad he esperado mucho tiempo para tener un X-box peri mi mama no me deja comprarlo, y me sentiria muy feliz de tener uno :)


why i wanna xbox is that i wanna try the need for speed underground 2 in it

martin desormeaux

i would like to win the xbox because my little sister always wanted one and we cant afford to buy one for her.


i hadf a xbox for only 7 months and it died. i have 22 games such as halo, counter-strike,amped 2 and madden 2005. I also reserved halo 2 but now that my xbox doesnt work then i cant get it. I worked so hard to get my xbox and my little brother has always wanted one but we cant afford one so please let me have the xbox.

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