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October 12, 2006


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I Agree anand, I two saw the contest, I did not participate since then i had to create a new blog, where as i already have one. don;t have time to maintain multiple blogs.



Exactly! Completely agree with you.
Panel was something that even i was wondering and not very convinced.
And as you said this would increase the number of new blogs temporarily and then people would just stop blogging.
And i also feel that if this contest is only for 'Technical blogs' the panel also needs to varied and technical (in different technologies).
And one more draw back of measuring ONLY technical blogs (In India )specifically is that people just copy MSDN content and call it a technical blog. It's very rare that pure technical blogs talk about new discoveries or the actual work the blogger himself is doing.

Probably Microsoft wants to create 1000 Scoble's from the Community. But then i don't think Scoble himself was completely a technical blogger. His blogs also have a mix of content :)

I had recently blogged on Indian blogging phenomena here http://weblogs.asp.net/anjanaram


Dear Anand – Thanks for your feedback.

I put this contest together. So I am going to take a shot at answering some of your questions.

1. The judges are renowned technical experts with great credibility in the technical community and vast experience of working with and as a part of the community for many years now. Since you know them, you would know that their ability to judge blogs in a credible fashion stands high in eyes of every other individual. The fact that two of them are not avid bloggers does not in any way impact their capability to judge a good blog.
a. A stray example – judges for the Miss World contest are not all ex-Miss Worlds, or associated with beauty. They are judges for their ability to identify the right talent. The personal and professional respect that Pravin, Venkat and Sanjay hold in the community and in the industry – I can confidently say – there couldn’t have been a better panel to judge this.
2. As Pravin mentioned – the objective of this blog to get a community of bloggers together, who go on to form a Blogging club-of-sorts.
a. Is tech blogging big in India? One doesn’t know. But it definitely exists. You are a part of it too! :)
3. Do we judge based on how long this blog has sustained. That is best left to the judges and we in no way influences that decision.
4. The blog-roll is now up. Thanks for keeping us honest. - http://www.microsoft.com/india/blogstars/blogroll.aspx
5. I also appreciate your thoughts around how we could have done this better. I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you offline so that we can incorporate your feedback in our future programs. I hope that works for you. Pls do let me know.

Cheers, and yes, I do hope you register for the contest and encourage other fellow bloggers.

Jignesh - you don't have to create a new blog to participate.

Anjana - Great post on Indian blogging scene!



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