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October 18, 2010


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powerpoint themes

IT depends on whether or not the background is in the slide master or if they just copied and pasted the graphics from slide to slide.If it's in the master,just change it in one lace and you're good.The slide master tab apears on the ribbon, giving you the tools you need to make changes to the slide master.You might want to open a THMX file in Theme Builder to edit and fine-tune it to your requirements.


This doesn't work! NOW I have TWO names for it in the "Advanced Properties" area.

Ramanathan P

Hi Anand, thanks for the tips....I learn something new to-day


Thanks for posting! Needed to quickly change the slide master pages but just couldn't find (amazing when in a rush, just didn't see things like "rename") - all needed was quick, well-laid out prompt such as this. Cheers, De

Nilesh Chaudhari

Nice information my issue was resolved.


thanks you for the support here, glad I could quickly change it.

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